Airborne Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG) data is helping operators optimize 2020/21 budgets

Bell Geospace is fortunate to have been back in the air since June 3rd 2020



FTG for the times

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a serious impact on just about every industry around the world. When it comes to the oil & gas industry, the pandemic has forced many operations to cease or slow down. Today, we’ll be discussing how Full Tensor Gradiometry, or FTG, can provide a solution for the time lost due to COVID-19.

FTG vs Seismic

Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry is our high tech geological mapping solution at Bell Geospace. If you want to get into the science you can visit our webpages

FTG provides very high resolution results but it cannot act as a replacement for seismic on its own.  However, it does provide a fast and cost-effective solution for companies who have lost valuable time due to the pandemic. FTG can fill gaps. Quickly and reliably. 

FTG is a Flexible and Quick Survey Solution

During our survey projects we are in regular communication with our clients. Our surveys are also designed, flown, and processed in a highly efficient manner. These two factors allow us to make rapid changes to our plans that would not be possible or even allowed with many other types of geophysical data acquisition. 

The efficiency and flexibility of FTG surveying means that you can make changes to your plans throughout the process without losing time. After losing time due to COVID-19, the efficiency of this process will help you to catch up and get back on schedule.

Case Study: A Survey in West Virginia 

A client saved 1/4 million dollars with Bell Geospace due to our 

  • close collaborative process   
  • ability to make changes 'on the fly'

The Takeaway 

Bell Geospace aircraft can acquire up to 1000 line kilometers per day. We have about a day’s turn around on producing interim images, which allows us to change our survey plans on the fly to suit our clients. All of this allows for rapid acquisition and changes as necessary. High quality results are delivered within weeks of final acquisition.

With FTG, we provide you with a series of interim images. This will allow you to make informed decisions about where you want to focus your time and money as the survey continues. We can accommodate these types of changes in plan, which means that you can often quickly obtain the data you need at a fraction of the cost. As you are likely aware, in a post-COVID world, saving time and money will be essential.

If you are looking for a time effective solution for your company in the post-COVID world, FTG might just be the answer for you. Discover more about what to expect from FTG surveys, and schedule a meeting with our team today.

Optimize budgets in these uncertain times

with  Bell Geospace