Please explore the Bell Geospace booth, number 1108 

We invite you to meet with us 'onboard' the Bell Geo flight cabin booth at INDABA 2022 in Cape Town. Could Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry data bring value to your next exploration project? We will help you discover more. 

If you're attending INDABA you can enter now to win a bottle of Scotch Whisky from our Edinburgh HQ. Your personal details will not be kept unless you say it's okay... and certainly will not be passed to any third parties. 

Good luck! 

Bell Geo prize Draw at INDABA

Enter to WIN a Bottle of Fine Scotch Whiskey 

First 50 entries automatically receive a special a Bell Geo 'EXPLORE MORE' limited edition airline travel bag, full of flight related essentials 


Bell Geospace at INDABA Data for Decision Makers

Bell Geospace, your airborne data acquisition partner for prolonged exploration success 

Going for Gold? FTG finds folding and faulting, fast. 

Bell Geo's FTG, gravity and magnetic data acquisition technology is especially good at locating contact zones and faults, which makes it exceptionally suitable for finding the mineralized geology which hosts gold. Ask us about our past gold projects including the most recent West Africa survey.

Energy-Metals Exploration with FTG 

Geoscientific methods are more critical than ever for energy-supply sustainability. Structural and lithological information to demystify subsurface mineral systems is required on a new, larger scale.  Bell Geospace is the right partner for this goal. If you're exploring in the Kalahari and Zambian copper belt, ask us about our experience in Botswana, Zambia, South Africa... and beyond. 

Explore Province to Play, Efficiently

Airborne geophysics and FTG allow fast screening and ranking of prospective area at the province and district scale, derisking ground exploration at prospect and play scale. Our accurate and informative data enhances existing complementary data and fine tunes the strategy for future acquisition.