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Virtual Booth Talks Recordings   

Please use the video links below to catch up on any material that you missed or would like to revisit. 

FTG applied Case Studies from Indonesia 

Colm Murphy - 30 minutes

Learn how FTG predicts geology in this presentation of recent work in Indonesia. 

From Data to Data Room

Gaud Pouliquen - 15 minutes 

Seequent provides the ideal ecosystem to interpret FTG data and integrate it with other data sets...

The value of FTG in the downturn - 30 minutes

Katherine Chase 

A great high level introduction to the theory and applications of FTG with interesting case studies

Shallow Velocity Modeling with FTG, a Permian Basin Case Study - 15 minutes

Scott Payton, Matt Duiker

We present a Joint Inversion between FTG data and refraction tomography

FTG Data interpreted and applied to the Grisham Fault, Delaware Basin - 20 minutes

Alan Morgan

A workflow style presentation to trace deep faults under dissolution collapse

Bell also participated in 2 x SEG Technical Sessions

This content is available on request

1) Identification and Assessment of Depressions within the Ochoan Evaporites through the Integrated Interpretation of 3D Seismic and Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) in the Delaware Basin of Texas

Authors : Alan Morgan*, James Brewster - Bell Geospace, David Paddock, Vasudhaven Sudhakar, Jie Jenny Fang - Schlumberger Western Geco

2) Source Body Migration as a Method of Depth Separation for gravity gradient data 

Authors : James Brewster and Colm Murphy, Bell Geospace