Airborne FTG, Gravity and Magnetic Data for Sri Lanka.

Fourteen thousand line kilometers of FTG, gravity and magnetic data. acquired by Bell Geospace over blocks M2, M1, C1 and part of 'C2'.

  • Acquisition took place in two stages, M1C1C2 were acquired 23/08/2021 - 30/09/2021, M2 were acquired 08/12/2021 - 01/01/2022. 
  • High quality data has been processed and interpreted to a high standard. Details can be found in the pricing and packaging section below. 
  • Advanced interpretation is available at a daily or turn-key rate, depending on products. 
  • The surveys were flown at a nominal clearance of 120 meters above mean sea level (MSL) with a line spacing of 1kms and 5kms for tie lines.
  • The data are available for companies to purchase on a Multiclient (i.e. non-exclusive) basis, either as single blocks or as a merged dataset.
  • Additional acquisition or optional infill at a tighter spacing of 500 meter or 250 meter spacing are available on request (charged at pre-acquisition rate). 
  • Examples of processed and transformed data is available in the video below, further data images can be made available by contacting Bell Geospace. 

The video shares examples of processed and transformed data from this survey.  

Observed vertical gravity gradient (Tzz), normal gravity (Tz), reduced-to-pole (RTP) magnetics.

The datasets show impressive resolution of lateral density and magnetic susceptibility contrast within the geologic column. Tzz is particularly sensitive to shallow density contrasts, even those within the sedimentary section, and the RTP magnetics images compositional variations in the basement as well as possible magnetization within the sedimentary section  

In the images:

  • FTG Tzz component
  • Tz draped over the positive curvature from the FTG
  • Total Magnetic Field intensity, reduced to pole, draped over the TMI Tilt derivative
  • Ternary RGB combination of Tzz, Total Horizontal Curvature and Total Horizontal gradient, with the lineament overlaid



More data images can be made available by contacting Bell Geospace


The standard deliverables for this Sri Lankan geophysical data set include FTG and magnetic imaging and modeling products for immediate insights. 

The slides below outline the deliverables included in the Sri Lanka MultiClient data set.  Pricing options per region are available instantly on request.  

Download Packaging as PDF

Photo Gallery 

Exploring the Pearl of the Indian Ocean  

The slides below share some of the photos of the Bell Geo's time in Sri Lanka