Malaysia MBR22, Data by Bell Geospace

We have revamped our Gravity Gradiometry and Magnetic data packages

Following the excellent launch of Malaysia Bid Rounds 2022 by PETRONAS, we have updated the Bell Geospace airborne gravity gradiometry and magnetic data packaging and pricing.  If you need an reminder of the entire Malaysia operations, head back to the overview page. 

What's new for 2022? 

  • Operators get easy access to the information they need the most, fast 
  • No win, no pay - the data can now be rented for one year and only successful block applicants pay in full (rental offer ends when the rounds close) 
  • Maximum value to end-user    

Deliverables are relevant and user-friendly 

Comprehensive geological maps to integrate with complementary datasets 

Standard data deliverables include interpretation products including information on depth sensitivity, depth interval anomaly maps, fault frameworks, target structure and igneous/volcanic maps. Upgrades are available for regional 2D profile modelling investigating basement depth, 3D inversion and depth to basement studies, and bespoke training courses and workshops.  

Were you a successful winner of a block in MBR2021? Please visit our 2021 webpage now 

Available Data, Packaging and Deliverables

Browse 2022 packaging and pricing in the slides below 

Check out these videos to see sample data in more detail. Use the form below to get in touch for packages as a PDF, shapefiles, technical case studies, and more 

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