Malaysia MBR 2023, Data by Bell Geospace
Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry and Magnetic data packages can be made available. 

Be sure to get in touch if you are working on the MBR 2023 because we have bespoke and valuable data packages available. 

These include rental options with 'no win / no fee' on some blocks.  

Data in other blocks has already been upgraded with our incredible latest interpretation methods to estimate source depths more reliably than ever before. 

There are six MBR 2023 blocks with Full FTG, Gravity and Magnetic Coverage:

  • PM341 
  • PM342
  • PM428
  • PM417
  • PM443
  • SK510

Partial coverage is available for PM445, SK330 and SB403. 

MBr23-with email


Deliverables are relevant, tailored and user-friendly 

Comprehensive geological maps will be ready to integrate with complementary datasets 

Standard data deliverables include interpretation products including information on depth sensitivity, depth interval anomaly maps, fault frameworks, target structure and igneous/volcanic maps. Upgrades are available for regional 2D profile modelling investigating basement depth, 3D inversion and depth to basement studies, and bespoke training courses and workshops.